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  • Bursting with Goodness
    Bursting with Goodness Your placenta is truly remarkable. Discover the incredible healing powers of your placenta.
  • Unique and Healing
    Unique and Healing All our products are made with natural ingredients. Nourishing and nurturing for you and baby.
  • Full of Vitamins and Nutrients
    Full of Vitamins and Nutrients Replenish iron levels, boosts energy, lowers risk of postnatal depression, increases milk and more!

Hello and welcome to Placenta Tree

My name is Leah Phillips, founder of Placenta Tree, and a dedicated placenta remedies specialist covering the areas of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire but am happy to try and arrange travel if you are outside of these areas. 

I offer a full range of placenta remedies to suit your needs including Placenta Capsules, Placenta Tincture, Placenta Essence, Placenta Fruit Smoothie, Placenta Cream, Placenta Balm and Placenta Homeopathic Remedy.

I am very passionate about women consuming their placentas and always give a professional and personalised service, offering high standards of safety, including being one of the few placenta specialists registered and approved with Environmental Health UK. 

Why consume your placenta?

Consuming your placenta after giving birth can have many benefits for both yourself and your baby. A placenta is full of goodness, nutrients and vitamins, they are the giver of life to your baby! These all then become essential post birth for a new mum to aid healing, especially if you have suffered a long tiring labour or blood loss.

By consuming your placenta, be it in capsule form, a boost in a smoothie or having creams made, it will supply  iron, amino acids and essential fats which is  the perfect replenishment following the ordeal of birth.  Iron-deficiency in postpartum women can lead to fatigue, and may be a contributing factor to depressive symptoms so eating the iron rich placenta can greatly reduce these happening.

Stem cells and growth factors in the placenta (which repair damaged cells or replace dead cells) play a key role in healing the wound left inside the uterus after birth by the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. A mother will typically bleed for 3-6 weeks after birth, therefore your placenta pills may help replenish, restore and aid your recovery post birth and boost your energy levels.

Furthermore,  the placenta also contains Human Placental Lactogen and Prolactin, which help prepare the mammary glands and stimulate milk production ready and a plentiful milk supply for breastfeeding.

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